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Affiliate marketing is:

QUESTION Affiliate marketing is: A revenue model where traffic is generated through social media A form of CPC that is commonly used by enterprises only A revenue model where website owners earn money by sending visitors to a third party website A form of PPC commonly used by small businesses The correct answer is: A …

The ALT attrubute is:

QUESTION The ALT attrubute is: The alternate name for the meta title A Meta tag that highlights an alternate page A Meta tag used to specify the anchor text Used to describe an image The correct answer is: Used to describe an image Explanation: We will update later. sincerely thank

The hreflang tag is used to:

QUESTION The hreflang tag is used to: Allow the search engines to detect which language is being used Allow Google to offer the auto-translate option to visitors in order to reach new visitors based on the selected languages Specify the location on a page to target users in a specific country Provide search engines with …